Personalization Options

All items offered online and in our shop include complimentary personalization with a font/monogram and your choice of thread color. The font/monogram is sized proportionately to the item and the size of the letter(s) or length of name. The options for personalization available online have been selected based on each item and popularity.

To see our full selection of monograms, font choices, thread colors and other ways to customize an item,  please contact or visit our retail shop in Chatham, MA!

Not sure how to select the correct monogram? Click here for our Monogram Etiquette.


3 Letter Monograms

2 Letter Monograms / Initials

1 Letter Monograms / Initial




ctw_thread_superwhite_1801ctw_thread_creamywhite_1803ctw_thread_brownbeige_1884ctw_thread_beige_1938ctw_thread_lightbrown_1928 ctw_thread_yellowbeige_1670 ctw_thread_saffronyellow_1971
ctw_thread_orange_1965 ctw_thread_red_1838 ctw_thread_burgundy_1981 ctw_thread_brightpink_1910 ctw_thread_pink_1990ctw_thread_purplepink_1710
ctw_thread_purple_1832ctw_thread_cornflowerblue_1828ctw_thread_vipblue_1675 ctw_thread_persianblue_1843 ctw_thread_navy_1976 ctw_thread_seaglass_1846