Backordered Items

What does it mean if an item online is marked “Backordered”?

Chatham Thread Works carries special one-of-a-kind pieces and in limited quantities. Sometimes the popularity of an item can delay its’ availability. If an item or color is marked “Backordered” on our website, the item can still be ordered but may not arrive to you within our turnaround timeframe.

If you order an item that is marked “backordered”, a member of the CTW team will contact you via the email address included on your order. You will be emailed with an estimated date of when the backordered item(s) is expected to be available and in-stock.

Should you choose to cancel the order of the backordered item, please contact us through our online submission form on our contact page.

Enter your contact information and select “Orders & Shipping” from the subject dropdown. Enter your Order# and item details in the message field. A member of the CTW team will respond to your inquiry and will provide next steps within 24-48 hours.