Safe & Secure Shopping with CTW

Chatham Thread Works believes the trust our customers have with us in our retail shop should also extend to our online customers. We have installed several security measures on our website to ensure you have a safe and secure shopping experience on our online store.

SiteLock Security

CTW uses SiteLock to verify your credentials such as email, phone and address. SiteLock automatically scans the website for malware to ensure you will not be blocked or spammed. The SiteLock Trust Seal is located in the footer of the online shop pages.

SSL Certified

SSL is the Secure Socket Layer protocol which is responsible for creating secure communication between client and server. This is done by both server and client authentication and the negotiation of an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys.

Internet users associate SSL with the padlock that appears in your browser’s address bar when you enter the secure area of a website. They know to look for this before entering any personal or financial information online. If information is entered on an unsecured website, the data is transmitted from your computer to the webserver un-encrypted and viewable in plain text.

CTW does have an active and dedicated SSL certificate that will allow for a safe and secure shopping experience on our online store.

Credit Card Processing with Stripe

CTW uses Stripe to accept your online payments. Stripe is a PCI compliant Level One Provider. This compliance level is shared with some other really great businesses like Google, Amazon, PayPal and more. It is required by Stripe that CTW follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which we do.